Everyone whom doesn’t know – can be quiet

Today when we hear people speak about a subject they have no experience in, we overlook their comments. How can they know this, when they have no references? When we hear a child speak to their parents, anything above their age, we laugh and smile. And say to others “see, that’s my child”. Sometimes people are employed in jobs because of their references. And sometimes they are employed, because they have not any references. Because when rules aren’t followed. And the systems become rigid. It’s more fruitful to hire those who think and work in a new way. In the era of the Caliphate of Umar (may Allah be pleased with him), a sahabi women spoke up, and corrected him, while he was having a speech.
Every sahabi in the gathering, saw this as disrespectful. How can one muslim woman correct a leader? She doesn’t know as much as him? Do you know what Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) said as a response? He supported the woman, and said her comment is correct. He didn’t have any issue in being corrected. But said “let her speak her view about what I said”. This is what a true leader is. A humble leader. Whom doesn’t find anything wrong in being corrected by someone else. Because “what” is correct is more important, than “who” said it. Look at the leaders today? In norway or other countries. Are they as humble in listening to the views of their people? Don’t undervalue a good comment next time you hear one. Because of “who” it is. Be humble and thankful of that people in todays world has wisdom.

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