When females are addicted to sex

Honour men. Don’t objectify them by the size Of their body or their private parts ability to give orgasm. Misandri is on increase. And we need to do something to stop males from being abused. We used to speak load about women being treated like flesh. Nowadays the problem is that women and girls are treating males a machine of giving them orgasm. Stealing and hijacking. It’s like a disease that is spreading. Addiction of sex spreading amongst females. No one cares whether they are married. Its just about feeding their desires. How can we help the community heal. when no one wants to speak about the problems? Purify your gaze has a recovery system for communities suffering because of addictions. I recommend this for every mosque in Norway and worldwide. The barrier of abusing others has been crossed by numerous people. And no-one sees this as a sin anymore. When females have sex-addictions what will they teach their families? This is a recipy for destruction. We need to act now. And help people heal. purify your gaze knows exactly how we can accomplish this. Help the community heal. This is a global problem. And inaction is the last we need know.

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