A manner of being safe

Some people maybe wondering why there is an increase of women accepting Islam. Most women in Norway move out of their parents home at eighteen. They have to take a loan, a job and and education. They are on their own having to give all their body to numerous men, before one of them agrees to marry them. Even if their parents and friend support them, they are on their own. Islam says that the care-taker. the father is responsible for the expences of his family. After the daughters marriage, the husband is responsible for her expences. Islam protects the fragility and vulnerability of women, by helping them realize the value of wearing modest clothing when they step outside. A true muslim woman understands the reason why it is important that she travels with a mahram on long trips. A non-muslim woman who has had to take care of herself, like men take care of themselves, falls in love with how
Islam protects and honour women. Women are honoured as mothers, as she being jannah for her children. Women are honoured as being the entrance to jannah for parents who are good to their daughters. As a wife. women are honoured as being half of the faith of their husband. If a brother treats his sister well and marrys her to an eligible man, he is close to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) on the day of Judgement. Instead of sending the women out from their houses on their own, Islam helps women to realize their purpose while also striving for education. Though in a manner where she is safe. The west has not yet reached the target of safety for women. Especially when it comes to harassment. So I understand why women, loves to be protected. Loves to be provided for. And loves to be safe. I totally understand why more women falls in love with Islam and accepts this holistic religion.

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