Males who are victim of abuse

There was a time when we thought that the bully was the problem. So we seperated them from the rest of the of the class. After researching we understood that often times, those who bullied others had probably experienced being bullied themselves. If we believe this is true. Why do we think the male is the problem when it comes to rapes of women? Could the same reason be applied here too? That because a male experienced some kind of sexual violence in his life, he became an abusor, later on in his life? It is important that we don’t have this biased opinion about sexual abuse. Seeing only the woman as the victim, while not even discussing the rights of the males.

Rape of men has been a problem before Islam came. The majority of people does not even accept that it exists. It could just as long be abuse of older men, not only younger males. How can the community help the oppressed. Why does no one discuss this issue, when it is on the rise. Not dealing with it, is not an option. Why always think that the abuser is a male. The abuser can just as much have been a woman / girl. When I was trying to find a picture for this update. I wrote stop rape men. And every time the result of pictures where women who were abused. Almost no picture where the abused / raped was a male, Why is it like that? How can we deal with a issue of abuse, when no one is willing to confirm that it is a problem. Men / males also have the right to be safe.

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