The Story Of One Businessman Against 4 Other Businessmen :)

turbanI remember that I read a little story from a book some time ago. And when I think about it I sort of get so amazed about how true it really is. It`s all about the pressure a person can experience when a lot of people get together against that person in a way. It`s a tale about a famous Spanish businessman:

There was competition between him and four other businessmen. Since the others disliked him they wanted to make him angry in some way. One day he was on his way to work wearing a white t-shirt and a white turban. When he first met one of the businessmen on his way he praised his turban by saying: what a nice yellow turban this is. They had a discussion about the color and the businessman went further on his way to work when he met the second businessman. He greeted the businessman and praised the turban by being green. The Businessman had another discussion over the color as he knew it was white. When he came to his shop the third businessman came and praised his turban to be blue. All of the three said that the important thing is not the color but that it looks good. While sitting at the shop the businessman thought about all the comments when the fourth businessmen came and praised his turban for being red. This ticked the businessmen and he lost his mind.
Every time the other person notices his turban they always complement it with another color than the white one which is the real color of it. The guy gets crazy and can`t get why the others can`t see the white color. The other people are of course lying but they are so convincing that it makes him crazy. So a lie camouflaged in words that are serious can seem truer than truth itself??? This is really scary to think about… What happened to the thought that truth always prevails???

This shows how much the severe pressure from our surroundings could really hurt us in a way that could to a certain extent make us more or less insane. Just think about the enormous pressure kids and even adult experience nowadays.

Second thought: If you can tell me one thing: what do one do after one has seen through people who act like this??? That tries to hurt you by using group tactics like? I`m talking about these people and I`m sure that one can find them everywhere.

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