Communication within a couple :)

I like the saying :

a beautiful relationship does not depend on how good we understand each other but on how well we avoid misunderstandings:)

Which in other words mean it`s important that one share eachothers thoughts and emotions at all times. I also believe from the core of my heart that one should never ever hide anything from eachother. Not even the smallest thing/issue. And I will stand by that forever ameen sum ameen.

Whenever any question arises one should never hesitate to bring it up so that one knows the others thoughts about it. The fact that one bring up issues is that one wants to resolve them. And the only way to solve them is through communication. It does take some guts and lots of love and care to sort out things sometimes. But the fact that one is bringing them to light means that one is being honest to oneself and ones partner. Nothing is healthier than that hmm?? 🙂 It shows that one is mature enough to deal with everything that pops up and wants to make things even better than what they are 🙂 I believe that one can do things better in everything no matter what it is 🙂 One just need to believe in ones love and have the most open atmosphere at all times..

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