What makes YOU the person you are?

I believe it`s the values your parents have injected in you as you grew up and after you`ve grown up it`s mostly the people you hang with. Your friends! If you have good friends that have the right values, believe me YOU are saved! Or if you have enough insight in seeing who`s your real friend and who isn`t. What kind of friends you have says a lot about you as a person. What I`ve always heard from my parents is that “aap apne doston se pehchanein jaate hain” . If you`re seen around with a friend that is known as nice, people will think that you are as he is, cause he is your friend. On the contrary, are you seen with someone who doesn`t have the right values, people will think the same about you. A bad friend will give you the inside scoop on how he managed to do so well in being bad and getting away with it. Please look around. Are your friends giving you good advice? Or messing up your life more than before? You do have a choice to stay positive no matter what. Though people we spend time with mostly our friends have great impact on us and our personality.

Make sure you have people around you with good values.. 🙂

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