Money Can`t Buy Love

akhirah couple real careIt is very common that people even muslims get to infiltrated by this world that they forget about akhirah. They work a lot for things they will achieve in the dunya but do nothing or very little for the betterment of their akhira. They work all their life to earn that extra sum of money for their future, but forget to work for the place they are going to be for the rest of their eternity.

It is nothing wrong in making a living to pay those extra bills. What is wrong is when you forget about earning those extra rewards for the life where you are going to stay for the rest of the eternity.

We work hard to get the right kind of education so that we get a good job that can give us that bright future. But those money we buy ourselves out. We can`t buy happiness, love, sleep, contentment, security. We have to set our priorities right before our end. If not we will go from this world as empty-handed as we came.

If we can shift our focus in earning currency for the akhirah not only will we have contentment in our lives and surroundings, we will also prosper in the hereafter.

The dream is not a sports car, a big house, an expensive wedding and beautiful children. Our dream should be to strive for Jannah where we can have everything we desire and so much more.

When we will be able focus with the right thinking that will give us the best in the hereafter, only then we will be able achieve eternal bliss.

May Allah guide us, keep us steadfast, and give us sabr to keep striving for the right end.

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