I Have To Ears, The World Is Mine :)

jealousyThere is two sides of everything. Sometimes something can be a blessing other times it could be the very opposite. Sometimes when one see other people`s blessings one forget what we ourselves are blessed with and get a bad energy out from us. It could perhaps be because we have never tried to count our blessings or write them down. The one way of accepting that we are worthful we need to know how blessed we are. That would indeed increase the positive energy into our lives.

We should cut the bad habits like jealousy and envy, and let ourselves shine the way through our own destiny for what we are destined to. What is jealousy? Jealousy is when one feel bitter or unhappy when others succeed in something. Envy is when we want that blessing to be taken away from that person and given to us. Both of this feelings should be dealt with a manner that kicks them out of our lives in sha Allah.

How can we manage that? I read a status at a islamic Facebook page about that. Why make dua to Allah that someone loses the things he /she are blessed with? Why not instead excel our duas and try to make dua for the things that we ourselves can achieve. I mean Allah has so much to offer, so big treasures, which is more than enough to fill our lives. Why do we then see so constricted to only something or someone and rather expand our horizon for something better. Instead of praying and wishing that some other people don`t succeed in their matters, try to change your thinking in praying that they increase in their blessings instead. Have we not thought about the hadith of our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) that when we make supplications for other muslims in their absence, an angel by our side says ” ameen and may you have something similar”. Won`t this little habit bring more blessings into our lives. How can we think so little when Allah is so Great 🙂

I`m sure that praying for others will bring more barakah in your blessings as well as it being a prayer for yourself as well. Think bigger, aim for something bigger and by the will of Allah, He will increase. If we instead hope for the downfall of others we will lose all that is mentioned above. Why put all this at risk?

May Allah give us help in understanding how blessed we really are and give us guidance to pray for each other and aim higher. This will in sha Allah help us get rid of any bad habits like jealousy and envy, in sha Allah, ameen summa ameen.

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