When you have more than others :)

lionI want to share an incident from the Prophet`s time 🙂

Once a Sahabi raa came to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and asked him to pray so that would find his lost son. He was about to lift his hands up for supplication when another sahabi raa said that he had seen his son playing at a near field. The father got up and started running. To this Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) asked him where he was going. He said, “Prophet of Allah, I haven’t seen my son for a long time and his mother hasn’t eaten anything either since he got lost”. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) responded, “Ok go, but when you see your son, don’t call out to him by saying ‘son’, call him by his name”. To this the Sahabi raa said, “Oh Prophet of Allah, why shouldn’t I call him by his name?”.

Prophet (pbuh) responded, “If you call him by saying ‘son’, there could be an orphan among those children playing who would get hurt because he wouldn’t have anyone to call him his son, so just say his name, and do as you please when you get home”.

SubhanAllah ❤ How great is our Prophet, he didn`t want anyone else to feel bad about not having something someone else had. Nowadays you won`t find this sort of attitude. If others have something you don`t they make you feel bad about it like they have more than you in every aspect of their life. May Allah give everyone guidance so that we can follow the sunnah of our Prophet (pbuh), ameen summa ameen.

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