Words Of Encouragement :)

words of encouragementEach and every one of us wants to see others happy. Well most of us. What do you do when you are happy, but a few others are sad? Are you the chirpy one that doesn`t even notice that others are sad or are you the sensitive one that sees the face behind the other people`s smiles? What do you do about that?

Sometimes one can see what kind of mood people are in by just listening to them talk. Other times their body-language says it all but themselves are quiet. I guess some people have a Phd in reading others while others are totally unfamiliar about others moods.

Well, no matter how you feel. You will feel even better if you use your strength with words of encouragement towards others when they are down. It doesn`t mean that you should keep on giving them false hope, when they have lost something. It just means that you are letting them know about all the other things in their life, that they are taking for granted.

What a waste. I mean you have everything in your life, and even more than others, but you still want something you can`t get and see it like everything is lost. Think about everything you have in your life. If you start counting about every thing you are blessed with, you will get tired, but will not be able to count it. Everything is a blessing. There is a blessing in giving, and it is a blessing in withholding. That is because Allah knows best, we haven`t seen the future, but He knows.

If we are grateful for the blessings in our life, we will also achieve more from Allah. He loves those humans that are grateful. We should try to not take our lives for granted, before they pass by, and we have come till the end. It is so important to take those moment in between to say Alhamdolillah, thanks for everything Allah 🙂

If someone you know doesn`t know about the blessing of thankfulness, let them know today. One “thumbs up” can do miracles. By spreading some positivity you will get it back sometime one way or the other. So there is no loss in it. Cheer up your surroundings and you will get such a positivity boost from it, that you will cheer up yourself as well, in sha Allah 😉

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