The Eternal Abode Heaven :)


Laughter and joy and lots of light,

that`s how our eternal life will be like.

A place where there won`t be any sorrow,

not any grey day, blue day or horror.

We will be safe and sound with all our loved ones,

reading salah and praying for each other.

Our home would be like a flower blossom,

Where nice scent is from in every garden.

Kids playing and lots of giggles,

contented we would be together.

True richness is in the richness of souls,

we would have so much that it is more than enough.

We would see the righteous like shining bright stars upon us,

they will lead our way in Paradise forever.

Happiness will surround us at all the wonderful moments,

we would smile and laugh in the eternal life`s pleasures.

What guided us to this place we would think and wonder,

it wasn`t our good deeds, our salah or fasts or our character.

Than angels will answer what deed we used to do,

we learned a good deed and never stopped to do so.

When you do a good deed and persistently do it,

you gain Allah`s mercy and other blessings with it.

That is how our final abode was heaven and not hell,

we managed it through all the hurdles as well.

Now we will live here for all the time,

this is our eternal abode, our heaven, so nice.

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