We need a freedom of choice :)

Living in the West we see all kinds of people. Some people are totally western dressed where you can see that they aren`t exactly hiding their skin, others wear full-armed sleeves and even hijab or/and niqab. Yes we have freedom of speech, though my question is for how long? Nowadays the politicians in Norway have put the hijab on the agenda again. This time, not to praise it, but rather questioning whether it should be allowed to wear in Norwegian schools. I`m afraid that the freedom of choice is only for non-muslims and not for the muslim people living here. Why else should they try to ban niqab.

I mean that if a girl is free almost to wear revealing garments at school, why can`t a girl cover herself and go to the same school. What do you think would harm the society most? Do you think a girl who is fully covered from head to toe with a niqab would get molested, or a girl who is revealing her body with less clothes? What do you think would attract a rapist between these two options? What kind of society is this, where girls whom want to cover themselves from head to toe is seen as a threat to the society? Isn`t the half-naked girls wandering around the schools at summer time or other places in the city more of a threat to the society? Don`t you think other boys/men could try to mess with them with the wrong intentions, rather than a fully clothed person that they can`t even see the face too? Do you see where I am getting?

I like a lot of things here in Norway, this is my country, I was born and raised here. Though sometimes it seems like that non-muslims have more rights in certain issues than muslims? If girls have a choice to go half-naked, why can`t a niqabi use her freedom of choice to wear a niqab? I guess that the half-naked girls are more of a threat to the well-being of this society than the hijabis or niqabis. In that way that they are guiding our generations of brothers towards un-healthy stuff like porn and pictures of naked women. Is this what they call healthy and normal? What is the politicians definition of a healthy society? What kind of society do they want when they would rather like people promoting promiscuity than values that you shouldn`t look at other girls because they are your sisters in your religion Islam?

The men in the society in the west are the people whom make us women believe that if we aren`t beautiful and wear certain clothes no one is getting married or will have any family or get someone they could spend their life with. What else would make the boutiques sell those fancy revealing dresses or the make-up for the girls. What happened in france was that the shops made less sale of make-up because of the niqabis and the hijabis. Lets think here, if your daughter found a person to marry, wouldn`t you want to think that this person loves her because of her values her upbringing here set of thoughts, her mind, rather than whether she looks beautiful beside him or not? A girl is not a trophy, that you can show to the entire world. She is rather a pearl, to be hidden from eyes that try to screen her for the wrong intentions.

Some of the teachers at school have said that they have difficulties teaching the niqabis and some have even protested that they don`t want them in the classroom. But why? Because they have other values than you? Why is the society so afraid that these girls would be a threat to them after they get an education? Is it because they are afraid that they will get a higher status in different portions of the society and might even get a great position somewhere where they also can lead? Are they afraid that Islam or muslims are taking over the country? Just because you give us our right to practice our religion you are afraid we are after your position? Doesn`t this sound a bit absurd? Shouldn`t there be freedom of choice to be a muslim? And there is, Alhamdolillah. Why are the people so afraid of Islam? It teaches the same universal values as in your religion and in lots of other religions as well. I mean, I think we are agreed upon the bottom line, that everyone has the right to practice their religion, right? Is that a right that is only on the paper and not in practice? Doesn`t hijabis/niqabis have a right to take an education in Norway? What would that lead to? That you are discrimination them to take less education to keep them in your control. I mean, not every person has the money to take an education abroad. What would happen to these girls then, when they can`t go to school? Are you in some way trying to oppress us muslim girls in the society, that we don`t have the chance to become a “somebody”? I guess, that is how i understand that your intention is behind this so-called ban, that is a hot issue in the media nowadays?

Lets talk about frp, a political party in Norway, for a moment. They are for christians schools but against muslim schools? Why is that? Does the christians have more right to practice their religion rather than the muslims in the country? Is the freedom of choosing your religion only for christians and not for muslims? Carl I hagen used to pray in the schools yard when he was a kid, why can`t the muslim children get the same permission to do so at schools in Norway? He says that he is afraid that the muslims will pressurize each other to pray. Is he only afraid of such pressure in the muslim society? Is there a pressure like that in the christian society? I don`t know. All I know is that he is discrimination us muslims because of our religion. Every person has the right to choose their religion, and Carl i hagen and his party is discriminating the muslims in Norway.

To conclude I would like to say that the Norwegians are afraid that the hijabis and the niqabis will have a positive influence on this society if they get an education. They are trying to oppress us muslims, so that we don`t get educated enough that we can talk about our rights in this society and achieve an influence through our jobs. They think that their religion will fade away in the light of Islam, when people get more information about what Islam really is. I don`t see any clash between being a norwegian citizen and being a muslim. Apparently some political parties think differently. I hope we muslims can regain control of this issue, and let the Norwegians know that we muslims can be an excellent norwegian citizen. It is very important that we voice our opinion and make our politicians talk for our right in the Parliament. I`m afraid that we don`t have the right people elected in the Parliament. Even muslim people in the Parliament are know talking against the muslims rather than being on the side of their own religion, just because they are afraid that they won`t get elected next year or lose influence in their own political party, as their career would stop right there. It`s sad we are selling our religion. For what gain? The gain in the hereafter is better, if you only knew.

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