Are you a motivator?

smiley2Each and every person of us can sometime or the other get a bit upset or down and would need a bit of a push in the right direction from their friends or surroundings.

Sometimes people motivate you so much that you manage to do what you thought you couldn`t manage before or ever. Those people would always bring out the best in you. Instead of pulling your leg they will actually be the reason behind why you are where you are today – and ever so succesful. SubhanAllah 😉 If you are surrounded by someone like that you have ever so much to be thankful and grateful for, because these kinds of people are a treasure to humanity 🙂 Saying thanks to people means that you say thanks to Allah, and anyone whom doesn`t say thanks to people does not say thanks to Allah. So thank you:)You know who you are:) Some people are so unselfish, they believe in you when no one else did believe in you, they motivate you when every one else have left your side. They are always there to say something that would make you stand after you fall. SubhanAllah, and Alhamdolillah! Thank you for being who you are:)

Sometimes some people go the other way around. A few individuals would be the first one to tell you when you have done something wrong, but never pat your back when you have done something good or great. I can`t understan why people do this. Shouldn`t they let you know in all circumstances. When you do something wonderful or achieve something they, that they would say “wonderful for you”.

I guess one understands whom are your real well-wishers. It`s those people whom back you up when no-one else wants to know about you. I`ve understood one thing. That is, when someone is succesful, everyone wants to talk with you and do stuff for you and be with you and stuff, and that is to cherish. But those people are only to be cherished if they actually would want to be with you also when you’re not succesful or when your life is not going well. If they are with you in your ups and downs, then they are your real well-wishers and you should hold on to them. If you have people like that in your surroundings than you should be thankful, because you have every reason for being that. May Allah keep us all in the most pious of people`s company and make us a succesful slave of His (Allahs). Ameen summa ameen

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