Don`t just pray when you are feeling thankful :)

prayer 1It is very common these days that people doesn`t pray the salat. Even though it is farz on every Muslim/Muslimah. It is so important that we pray to our Allah and tell Him how thankful we are for everything He has blessed us with. Because it is a lot. We wouldn`t be able to see, breathe, walk, talk, eat if it wouldn`t be for that Allah has given us this pleasure. Not to talk about the fact that we are blessed with a family and work and loved ones who sincerely care so much for us. If it wouldn`t have been Allah`s will He wouldn`t have given that to us. So we have every reason to pray as much as possible for every treasure we receive. Our Prophet (pbuh) used to pray so much at night that his feet used to swollen. When someone asked him why he prayed so much, he would say “shouldn`t I say thanks to Allah for everything Allah has blessed me with?”. Where do we stand in all this? Do we take out time to pray throughout the day on time?

prayer guidanceThe One sahabi has narrated that he asked which thing would bring him closer to Paradise, so The Prophet (pbuh) said “honouring your parents and salat on time”. Can you see how much sawabh the salat has. Dr. Zakir Naik said something really important the other day, that when we have an appointment at work or with some business person or with a celebrity or an important person we try our best to be on time and come one hour or half an hour before just so that we don`t get late. And so he said; the salat is our appointment with our Lord, who can be more important than the One who has blessed us with the gift of life and everything else. Why do we always postpone it or come late to it? Shouldn`t we show him our gratitude? Praying five times on time will bring you closer to your Creator and give you a satisfaction you never can get by buying things.

Sometimes I see people whom only pray when they are in trouble or have a very difficult time, just so that the Lord will grant relief. One shouldn`t do that, one should pray always and try our out most to never miss a prayer. The Prophet has said: “A person that misses a prayer on purpose is not a muslim anymore”. How many prayers have we missed throughout our lives? Can we call ourselves a Muslim/Muslimah? The shaytan (may he be cursed) declined to do one sujood. How many sujood have we neglected in our life? It is not time to despair. As long as you are breathing, there is still time to go back to Allah, and make amendments about doing the right things, in sha Allah. Allah doesn`t give up on us, but we let ourself down by wronging ourselves.This is a reminder to all of us that we never can be enough thankful for what we are blessed with, ever. 😉 May Allah give every muslim joy and comfort in salah, and makes us steadfast in performing them. Ameen summa ameen.

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