Woman killed because she had a baby-girl

It makes one very sad when one listens to news. Mostly because the news is quite depressing. The news in Pakistan often tell us about a woman who has been killed or beaten by their in-laws because she became pregnant with a baby-girl and not a baby-boy. It could be that they don`t have enough education about these things or that the males needs someone to blame, when things doesn`t go their way. It`s not the woman but its the man who decides the gender of the baby because of the chromosome. Every woman has xx chromosome and every man has xy chromosome. The female can only deliver a x chromosome, while the man can deliver a X-chromosome or a Y-chromosome, meaning he decides whether its a girl or a boy.

The people whom have a baby should be thankful that they have a healthy baby, not because it`s a boy or a girl. There are several couples out there whom maybe can`t have any child and would do anything to be blessed with one. So people whom are so lucky that they do become a parent should be thankful to their Lord for it, and not blame anyone.

Killing the baby-girl is common in countries like India, Pakistan, China and so many more. It was even a problem at the time our Prophet (pbuh) lived. Therefore an ayat was sent by Allah for those people. Even in Norway we have a few people whom doesn`t like having a baby-girl, and rather take an abortion if they find out about it. That`s why it isn`t allowed for the doctors in Norway anymore, to tell the parents the gender of the child. So that the woman doesn`t get beaten by her husband or in-laws.

At the time of the jahiliyah baby-girls were also killed:

“when news is brought to one of them of the birth of a female child, his face darkens and is filled with inward grief. With shame does he hide himself from his people, because of the bad news he has had. Shall he retain it, on sufferance and contempt or bury it in the dust? Ah! what an evil choice they decide on! ” (Quran 16:58-59)

It`s sad to say that we haven`t learned enough from the time of the jahiliah when this is still practised in lots of countries even nowadays. Have we really become more civilized than before, when this is still practised? We all have to speak up against the unfairness in this world, so that people in this world that suffer can have a more or less prosperous life. InshaAllah Ameen. We live in male-dominated countries, but if we don`t speak up than how on earth can we change the circumstances for the next generations that are growing up now or in the future. We need to change the minds of our new generation, and that can only be done through more knowledge, especially about our religion Islam, because it shows us the way no matter what stage in life we are in. Allah sab ke haq me behtar faisla karein. Ameen Allah humma ameen.

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