Why you should wear hijab :)

I would like to share this because there might be other girls/women out there whom might be thinking of starting to use hijab but have difficulties taking the first step. First of all I would like to say that even if you wear hijab or you don`t all in all its the iman in yourself that can say how good mominah you are. I must confess it`s a journey. You start with small steps and starts avoiding certain things and start doing other things that our deen has guided us to follow.

I remember a page in “the ideal Muslimah” which really touched my heart. It was about the fact that some women find it difficult to wear hijab in the summers because it`s the temperature that is so high. The answer that came from that women whom was asked was that the fire in hell has a much higher degree than the summers around the world. I would want to wear hijab in duniya to avoid the hell fire in jahannum. So I would say “thumbs up” very well said! Whenever we want to follow something that is islamic right there are always some people whom ask their surroundings but whomever you ask the thing is that you should actually listen to yourself instead of anyone else. Shaitan is always there to make you feel that this is so difficult, but believe me if you have made up your mind that I want to wear hijab, Allah khud hi apke rastein asan kar dein ghe. That is always what happens. Allah is guiding the ones whom seek guidance with pure heart, Alhamdolillah.

I remember the date i started to wear hijab. It was 19. of march in 2009. The reason why I remember it is that it was my friend’s birthday that day, and I went to her party wearing a hijab for the first time in my life. I didn`t know that many people at the gathering, but I remember my friend just looking at me and laughing, while I got a few other looks from some of the other people there. Though I didn`t mind that cause I had made my mind to use it, and I`m Alhamdolillah content about my decision. After I started wearing hijab I did get a few questions a few months after that would you ever want to stop wearing it now that you have started wearing it, and my answer to that was “never”. Alhamdolillah. May Allah keep on guiding me to become an even better and better muslimah. Ameen summa ameen. I`ve always thought that you can`t change the world in one day, right 😉 One starts changing, making small steps and gradually change for the better. The changes that are gradually would actually last for a longer time. Than the changes that are made on one day, because one might bounce back to the old person one was. I really believe in this and am Alhamdolillah following it also.

I`ve thought about starting to wear hijab for years. I believed that it wasn`t only the hijab that needed to be put on the head but also a change in my being a better person and from there a better muslimah. So I always stopped because I didn`t have the right clothes and minor issues like that. Alhamdolillah I had stopped wearing t-shirts with small arms and stuff, but still most of the clothes I had, was too fitted. And I believe that when one starts wearing the hijab, than one shouldn`t wear fitted clothes either. So I gradually started giving away clothes that I found wasn`t right to wear and started buying new clothes that were more suitable for a woman/girl to wear. You see the biggest jihad ever is the one with ones own nafs. You will always start to think to do the right thing, but then the nafs (shaitan) tries to make you go on the wrong path. This is a never-ending battle, and will never stop. But as long as you are strong from within and seek guidance from above, nothing is impossible and Inshallah you will also be lead to lead a more muslimized life. Inshallah Ameen summa ameen. Always one does get thoughts which comes from the shaitan, ke kuch nahi hota ke aaj I can use perfume or other ways he tries to misguide us. But if we are strong we can fight that, as long as we can differentiate between right and wrong, and the Quran does that, so we, and I`m counting in myself, should read it more often, and use time to comprehend on what we are reading and do our best to act upon it as well.

A few days before my friend’s birthday which was in march 2009, I remember I went to the city to do some shopping. And I remember that I had open hair. Usually I don`t do that but that day I had open hair. I noticed that I got a few looks from a few guys. Not that I`m that pretty but, lets face it, if one has open hair, and it is a bit long or something, people around you will notice that. I got quite upset about that. Did not like it at all. A bit earlier the same day at work another female colleague of mine also noticed I had open hair, and said that I should do that a bit more often. When I got a few looks later in the city, that was what lead me to start wearing hijab:) To avoid having people stare at me for the wrong reasons. So when I got home that day, I was really upset and very angry. I hated myself for going to the town, but knew that I had to buy a few things I needed. So just like that I called my mum and asked her to buy a few hijabs for me from town, so that I could wear it from tomorrow. She was, of course, so happy to hear me say this, that she bought a bunch and gave them all to me. And from that day on I started wearing hijab.

All in all this has been a process for me. Gradually I`ve bought clothes that are non-fitted and I`ve stopped wearing perfume in gatherings with non-mehram people and stopped listening to music, and have started my journey to live my life according to Islam and Sunnah. One needs to make healthy habits. You start with one thing, make it a healthy and constant habit, and from there on start with more and more healthy habits, make them your own, and keep improving yourself. You can`t do it over night. But you have to be constant, You can`t read 50 namaz one day and be so tired for the rest of the week that you can`t fulfil any of your responsibilities. You do as much as you can, without putting a burden on yourself. Inshallah may Allah guide us all to become a better human being and a more and better muslims as well. Ameen summa ameen. I haven`t reached to any goal yet, but I`ve started the journey, and I know that it will lead me to bliss as long as I follow the deen correctly and don`t let other misguide me in any way. Are you looking for peace? Islam is peace for me:) Alhamdolillah. You know I haven`t ever been this satisfied about my life, like I am nowadays. I`ve stopped listening to music and listen to nasheeds and hamds instead. I`ve started doing dhikr and praising Ya Rasolallaha as much as I can. The amount of satisfaction and feeling of content one gets from dhikr one can`t get from anything else. I remember from a program on Noor TV or maybe I read it in a book somewhere 😉 People ask you how old are you? and some would say 30 other would say 32. But nowadays I would say about 1 year and seven months 🙂 My real life began when I started to live according to Islam 🙂 Alhamdolillah. May Allah give me and my loved ones and the whole humanity so much guidance that we one day can see ourselves being a momin/mominah. Ameen summa ameen.

Wearing a hijab and all in all being a muslimah doesn’t mean that one can`t dress oneself pretty. No! One can dress oneself pretty but be modest in the dressing, which means don`t attract too much attention wherever you go. We muslims are ambassadors for our religion, and the more we follow our deen from the heart and in action the better picture every non-muslim would get about Islam. Who knows when one of them gets that guided that they decide to become a muslim?
Therefore we should strive as much as we can to show the bestest side of Islam. And let the whole world see the beauty of it. Inshallah Ameen summa ameen.

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