The way to get more hair, before it`s all gone.

I remember I had hair loss before. It`s much better than before and I thought that I can share my story in case others`s have the same issue. Before when I ate well and didn`t skip any meals like breakfast and lunch my hair was also much better. So what I`ve started to do now is I almost only eat parathas, as when I eat bread I still feel hungry after eating a few slices. So first eat well and try to not skip any meals. Second check with your doctor in case you lack any vitamines. Because the hair gets the vitamines in the end, after the whole body, receives it. Third, use coconut hair oil with aamla, henna and lemon in your hair every twice a week. Leave it for about a few hours and wash it out, but leave some in the hair, without making it look greasy. Fourth, you can use some dahi in your hair. My sister used it before and she had very long hair. My mum used it as well. What I use to do is i first put som oil in my hair, and leave it for about an hour, and after that I put dahi in the hair, and leave it till its dry. After some time i wash it out.

If you keep doing this for a while, you would actually see that there will grow new hair. And the dahi makes the hair softer and longer as well:)

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