To respect others one starts with oneself!

It is true that in order to respect another human being it is important that one respects oneself. When Norwegians say something bad about the religion Islam or our Prophet Muhammad, it happens mainly because they don`t respect themselves or have any clear picture of what their own religion is. They are either atheists or not very close to their own religion. Because of the secularism of christianity in Norway, most of the people here aren`t practising christians. I mean how many of the christians in Norway read the bible every day or pray every day or go the church every weekend, or talk to the priest a few times in a month or watch religious programs all about christianity? I would say very few. People have lost their own religion. When they are far from their own religion how in the world can a muslim possibly think that such a person would respect the fact that they might pray everyday, read the Quran everyday, goes to the mosque every friday and talks to the Iman a few times a month. All these things clearly indicate that Norwegians can`t see what muslims see. A lot of muslims are so much more closer to their religion. When someone even tries to say something bad about their Prophet than that would hurt them.

As a lot know, muslims wouldn`t say anything bad about Jesus, whom we believe is our Prophet. We would never do such a thing, because we know what religion means for another person. Muslims would respect the fact that others are close to their religion, and wouldn`t say anything to HURT on purpose! What they actually say indirectly when they try to talk ill about The Prophet Muhammad is that ” We Norwegians don`t have any respect for others religion whatsoever “. If they would come with some valuable advice and people aren`t listening to them or let them speak, I would say it is freedom of speech to let them talk openly! But when all they want to do is to talk bad about a religion and a person which we muslims put higher than anyone else, just to hurt, than that is NOT freedom of speech!!

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