When I remember Mum..

Every person is different from the other. Some people are very close to their parents, and others aren`t that close. Today when I was at work, some other woman at work was using the same cream as Mum used when I was very little. Every time I sence that smell, wherever I am, I feel like as if Mum is with me. No matter where I am or with who I am.. Today I was at work and suddenly I missed her so much.. Alhamdolillah. A bit later when I got control over my emotions, I called her..

I remember once when I was quite younger I was helping Dad at home when I started freezing a bit. Since Mum was in Pakistan, Dad thought that I could use her chaddor which was warm. I took it around me, and uss chaddor se Mum ki khushbo arahi thi. And of course since Mum wasn`t in the same country as me, and I was missing her, I got tears in my eyes.

Yes, I would say me apni Mum ki deewani hon. Just thinking about the fact that nothing lasts forever, makes me all emotional and weepy. But I need to face that fact. Bu then again I also think that I should live in the present, and be thankful for evey moment we have together.

Allah sab ki Mums ko Jannat mein jagah dein, humein unke lie ziada saara esale savabh ponchanein ki tåfik ata karein. Or jinki Mums abhi hayat hain unhein unki khoob kidmat karnein ki tåfik ata karein. Ameen summa ameen.

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