Want some good advice?

Throughout your lifetime you are often faced through circumstances that prevents you from taking right descisions. It could be that you don`t have the ability to trust yourself or that you sometimes get so confused by what others say. I know people who have been given wrong guidance from their surroundings, be it anyone, which has lead them to making a desicion which was not well enough thought through. One person has the best intention for something, though he/she is confused wether he/she should make that decision. Than of course that person will ask everyone in his surroundings. What guidance he/she recieves from his loved ones differs from person to person. Though one thing I`ve noticed which is that the person you are asking for guidance would mostly first see what he/she will get out of it and then give some advice. The advice-giving person should actually be putting himself/herself in the advice-needing person`s shoes and than give it his/her best shot. If that person doesn`t give advice from his/her heart than that could have an really bad on the person who`s seeking the advice. And he/she would actually in a way be responsible for misguiding another person.

My advice to everyone is that, before you ask someone for advice check if that person has the same values like you have. And if that person is trustable you will get great advice. I know i can trust my little circle of friends because they know me well and have the same values as me. They have always been there and I`m thankful for having them in my life. Alhamdolillah.

I am such a person that I always think that the other person who`m im talking with has the best intention when I ask for some advice. Though I`ve experienced a lot of ups and downs because of trusting the wrong people. Finally I`ve understood who are my real friends. I`ve become very choosy just because of that. Understanding the fact that not all people are alike.

All I want to say to everyone is that, if you don`t know what`s good for another person than please just simply say:- I don`t know, instead of giving wrong advice. Simply stay quiet, change the subject, anything. For those who deliberately give wrong advice, for those I have only one thing to say, what goes around comes around. It`s the intention you will get “savabh” for not only the outcome.

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