No clue as to your kids whereabouts?

It`s our responsibility to inject our kids with the best values, hobbies and positive attitude, to do our best to prevent them going astray. Kids need role models to which they can be inspired to keep them on the right path.

I know there`s a common issue in asian families that when kids come into their teens they more often are misled. To prevent this they need a person they could look upto a good role model. Please, let the kids join the soccer team, the chess-club, the naat-team in the mosque, take them to the mosque as early as possible to make som good habits from the start. Guide them into reading books from an early age. Don`t let them get so bored that they go out to find some action – come in a fight to kill boredom.

Always know as to where your kids are. And when i mean know i mean, do check out if they are where they said they were going. As to kids are very smart, they could easily take advantage of the fact that; my dad/mum isn`t going to check if I`m at Mohammeds` house or shopping nearby. Some kids do need tough guidelines to keep them on track and others can be dealt with more easily. Parents nowadays aren`t always aware of their kids whereabouts. The kids are often seen in shopping malls where they hang on the corner and can bump into dangerous situations.

You as a parent need to KNOW your kids friends. Where they live, phonenumbers, what kind of people the family is in whole. That will surely create a postivie atmosphere for your kid and his/her friends. Kids need friends to have someone to share their thoughts with, sharing interest is very important and will build up their personality making them social beings.

You as a parent have the responsibility for teaching your children that girls and boys share all the household chores. You do everything at home as a team. If someone get sick we all should know how to put some food on the table for the family. Everyone should help around to keep the home tidy.

By simply being there for your kids knowing how their day has been, playing an active part in their life, you can Inshallah do miracles.. May Allah keep all the kids in the world on the straight path, and give them right guidance with the right values in life. Ameen sum ameen.

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