Real beauty comes from within :)

I`ve always liked this phrase a lot. It puts me on the right track whenever I get influenced by the media in the wrong direction. The media creates a picture of how one should look like, how thin and perfect. And I can see how it messes up the minds of our younger generation as well as the adults I would dare to say.

I`ve often heard people say things like look at that actor/ actress pointing to the television when they`re watching a movie. No one withholds himself/herself from commenting the weight of the actors/actresses. And they don’t simply stop here, nope, they would comment each and every person they know from their appearance / weight. This reminds me of a sentence from a song by Alicia keys “if I ain`t got you”. “some people think that the physical things define what`s within. I`ve been there before. That life`s a bore so full of the superficial “.

The media makes us believe that if you`re thin and nice looking than BHAM you`ll succeed in anything. If you`re not all that than no problem just fix it with a surgery or something… people actually fall into these traps without thinking of the fact that if they don’t feel that good about their appearance it`s their thoughts they have to do something with. They need to work on their self esteem, to know that their personality is all that should matter to them. I do agree with the fact that one should keep oneself fit. That would keep us away from several diseases that come from overweight. So going to the gym regularly would keep us healthy and should be a goal for us no matter what our weight is.

“The charisma a person radiates, having the right universal values, treating others with kindness, spreading positivity around you, striving to become a better person and pushing others towards positivity as well.. Now that’s what we should really be thinking about… “

How can we judge someone by their weight/appearance? Don’t get me wrong I know the importance of being neatly dressed. But some people tend to give it so much more importance than we should, and creates and divides people in A and B groups. When you meet someone at work or anywhere else, the first thing you notice would be the appearance and the first impression is very important. But yet the kindness a person elevates should be what we should look at more than anything. I`m sure that it would make a bad impression on you if you talk to a well dressed but hostile person that makes you feel even worse about yourself. You wouldn’t prefer talking to that person again, now would you??? Even though that person is attractive???

The bottom line is: let`s look at what`s really important here in life. Seeing peoples beauty from within how they behave towards us and how kind they are to themselves and their surroundings.

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