This is for you Mum :)

Today it`s just about a few days less than two weeks till your coming home. It feels as if you`ve been away a century… Even though I talked with you just yesterday, I`m missing you like crazy today… You we`re so right you know.. You are always so right.. You know what I miss the most? It`s your hugs… And the fact that whenever you come home after work you`ll always come rushing to my room to check how I`m doing.. You know me so well… Dad has talked with you twice a day.. And I know ke aap humesha sab se pehle mera hi haal pochti hain.. Dad has become so quiet and I just don’t know how to open him… Aap nahi hain tou who subha sham khabrein hi suntein rehtein hain.. Aap mana karne keliye nahi hain na… Meri baat who kahan suntein hain… Dad`s missing you so much too you know, maybe that’s why he has become so quiet… I try my best to spend time with him. But lets` face it you’re the most talkative of all of us na 🙂

I remember the other day when we had aftari for the whole family and you were here as well. We had a great time didn`t we 🙂 You love it when the whole family is gathered all the joy and laughter… I remember a comment from you this night. You said, addressing everyone, wouldn`t it have been lovely to have Roshnis Jaan here as well.. You knew how much I was missing him… Wow we missed you so much on Eid you know… This is the first time we`ve celebrated an Eid without you…

You know, when you`re not around being at work or like nowadays you being in Pakistan, I can sort of see a jhallak of you in your friends and all the aunties I meet. It`s like I feel closer to you when I`m with them.. And hugging them feels like I`m hugging you…

Sometimes both of us think about the day when I`ll leave this house for a my new home with hmm.. I know that would be wonderful coz Mum`s going to take loads of care of me just like you do here.. And I know a burden will be taken off your shoulders. Coz you know Jaan will take so good care of me na 🙂 Someone who will take care of me always, actually we would be taking care of eachother all the time 🙂 And there will be the brightest smile on your face when you`ll see us together.

Miss you so much Mum… Can`t wait for you to come back home… Take loads of care of yourself… Love you so much…

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