Life without work

A person who has worked his/her whole life would probably never ever choose to stay home. If I talk about myself, life wouldn`t be the same without having a job. Adding:  a job one loves 🙂 Where you feel that you`re doing something that makes a difference for some people. A place where you can use your skills and improve them through hard work dedicating your time for someone that will eventually lessen someone `s issues in some way..

Allthough I do respect women who choose to stay home for the sake of their kids. I can understand that leaving your child to the kindergarden not knowing if they get the right care can be difficult for someone. Being a parent is a huge responsibility so it`s totally understandable.

But If you`re not in a situation that your job is your life than one can often spend your spare time with hobbies that you love to do. In that way one earns the money one needs and still can do something you love to do 🙂

Remember time is precious for everyone. Something that one`s spend would never come back, so spend it wisely.. 🙂

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