My favourites :)

  1. My favourite colors are green and tourqouise.
  2. My favourite song is ” You light up my life 🙂
  3. My favourite tv channel is Noor TV 🙂
  4. Someone I admire a lot is Pir Alaudin Siddiqui Sahib. He is a blessing for all of us. So much knowledge he has Mashallah 🙂 Allah unhein humesha lambi, tandrust, khushal zindagi ata karein aur har bimari se shifah ata karein. May he succeed in making Noor TV blossom into each and every persons heart in the whole world.. Inshallah Ameen sum ameen. He has mentioned a lot of quotes there in a commercial about how he sees life.. And he has a Dars which is great 🙂
  5. I love spending time listening to nasheeds and learning more about the beautiful religion Islam 🙂
  6. My favourite food is biryani or pulao 🙂 yummy 🙂
  7. My favourite nasheed is “Sanaen Muhammad joh kartein rahenge” , “Qurane Pak ki azmat” and “Meethiye madine diye” and so many more:)

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