What is actually purity?

There was a time when the people who were close to Allah, strived for internal purity. So they spent time alone worshipping Allah, far away from people. When other people met them they looked different from others. So people thought of them as majnoon. But when they raised their hands and supplicated to God, it was accepted.

In todays world it is far more of people who strive to look good externally but they forget the internal purity. So people are fooled by what they own, rather being impressed by who they are.

It is so important that people understand that no-one knows who is close to Allah or not. So if you do meet some people who are different, dont look down on them who wear perfume or have those branded /ironed clothing like you. All your belongings, including your car, is not what will help you gain Paradise? It is from your character, your deeds that will decide that. So for your own sake, dont look down on others. Because if you do break the heart of a friend of God, and their supplications are answered against you, youre gonna be doomed.

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