How to be a good child to your parents :)

love parentsOur parents are one of the best gift Allah has showered upon us. Even if we disagree at times, we fully know that if it wouldn`t have been for their hard work, we wouldn`t have been where we are right today. Alhamdolillah. Their prayers and hard work has helped us through the toughest battles in life and has been our strength. Allah says in the Quran that we should be good to our parents. Sentences about the parents have been written after tawheed, telling us the importance of it, after believing that there is only one God (Allah).

Even though we know this we sometimes mistreat them maybe by some harsh words or words that aren`t thoroughly thought through before they come out of our mouth. I know I have to work on myself. Even though I know I`m not perfect, I will share with you some points about how you can make your parents happy. As when they are happy, those prayers that comes out of their being will save you from any torment be it in this life or the hereafter. Very important to accomplish, in sha Allah.

  1. First of All, the parents and the children has to be able to discuss things without the children being disrespectful towards their parents.  Know that even if you don`t agree about everything they still are the reason why you are in this world. So cherish them and let them know how much they are appreciated for the efforts they have made for you.
  2. Let your mum ( it`s often her whom does all the work at home) have rest too and time off so that she doesn`t get too tired because of the chores in the house. Help her around the house, whenever you have time. Sometimes make food for the family so she also can have the pleasure of eating without preparing everything. Sometimes eat at a halal restaurant so that she doesn`t have to make the food or clean the dishes afterwards. Help her with the dishes once in a while so she can get some rest.
  3. Respect your father (and mother). Make them know that you value their advice. If you disagree with them let them know that you have other opinion about the matter in a nice tone. The parents should be able to appreciate that their children has their own opinion, rather than making them robots whom do just what they want them to. They should make their children have confidence enough to do things on their own without them thinking for them. That doesn`t mean that you shouldn`t ask for their blessings when you have a new plan about your life. It means that they should rather make their children independent beings that can handle their own life also when their parents are no longer in this world.
  4. Take your mum out for shopping or on a cafe once in a while. Buy things for her that she needs. Most probably parents put their children’s needs before their own. Sometimes even if they have the resources they just don`t spend money on themselves. Find out what they need and buy it to them, even if it`s expensive. If you know they`ll mind, simply don`t tell them the price, because in the end they have spent more on you then you could ever repay. Our parents have spent their time and care, tears and sweat in our upbringing shaping us into this beautiful creatures that has finally understood the value of everything in our life. Lets be grateful for that, and let them know that you are grateful for them being your parents.
  5. Dads are often busy thinking about the bills that needs to be paid, the responsibility of the children that are unmarried and the thought of them being the provider, that their children doesn`t lack anything in their life. So make them know that you appreciate their efforts of bringing the food on the table and paying your bills.
  6. Give your parents time. Talk with them. Listen to their stories about their youth. And stories about their struggles. Let them tell you stories about how it was when you where a child. Find out how they achieved success.
  7. Know that your parents love you more than anything in this world. Let them know once in a while how much you love them by giving them hugs or kisses. One glance of love looking at your mother can give you the blessing of a hajj maqbool. And one glance of love looking at your father can give you the blessing of Umrah. How difficult it is to do a hajj and a Umrah and you can achieve this in your own home by only caring. There is so much reward in such simple conduct. We should benefit from it.
  8. If your parents are retired, give them allowances, they can spend on what they want to spend on. Parents love to give their grand-children some money when they come to visit, make sure that they have enough. Know that they have spent all their lives building you, so don`t be greedy giving back to them.
  9. Making our parents happy will make God happy with us. Displeasing our parents, we will be displeasing our Creator.
  10. Call your parents once a day to make them know that you are alright and making you sure that they are alright. It doesn`t take that much time to call once  a day. Even when we are busy we manage to squeeze out time for our friends. Well our parents are much more important than our friends. If you call them regularly they will understand that you truly care for them. They often worry for us all the time. Take some of their worries off their shoulders by letting them know that you are ok. They need to know that you are ok where you are.
  11. I have heard this saying, and it is so true. One mum can keep five children happy, but five children can`t keep one mum happy. Make this saying untrue by caring for your parents at all times in sha Allah.
  12. If your one or both of your parents are not any more, make sure you keep good relations with their friends and family. Do lots of good deeds, they will get a share of the blessings in their account. And make supplications for them every day.

May Allah bless the parents of each and every person. May every child and parent be able to experience each others joys and be there for each others in their sorrows. May Allah give us guidance to serve our parents so well that we will achieve Jannah with them. Ameen summa ameen

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