Not every friend is trustable :)

A story : once there was a little girl who started at school when she was seven. Her mum had taken good care of her. She had long black hair and was a real cuty. She was Urdu speaking, and had got a few Urdu speaking friends as well.

One day when they were out playing at school one of her friends told her that she would look more beautiful with short hair. The little girl thought about this for the weekend and managed to persuade her elder sister to cut her hair short.

On monday when she went to school she showed her friends her hair. And they all started making fun of her. One of them said, Now look, I have longer hair than you do!

This story has a moral, and it is not far from the truth. You need to be able to distinguish between your well-wishers and your so-called friends, whom would be delighted to see you drown in some trouble. Unless you can`t do that then you are going to have a lot of broken heart at different times because of how people treat you. Talking from experience. Has happened to many numerous times. Not all people are alike, but still, one needs to be careful whom one interacts with, cause not every person is trustable.

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