The two-faced people are not reliable!

You have probably one time or the other met some people whom are two-faced. They say something else to you against someone else, and when they meet that person, they say something to that person against you, chugli is what we call that in Urdu. Usually this could be out of jealousy, someone has a better car, husband, house or work than you, and you can`t see that person being so happy so you try to make that person`s life miserable somehow. I`m talking about the so-called leg-pullers. Remember that one time or the other, the truth will prevail, even if it`s on judgement day, so beware how you try to trick others or sowing hatred between them!

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has said:

“You will find that among the most evil of people with Allah (i.e. among the most evil people in the Judgement Day) on the Day of Resurrection is he who is two-faced: who goes to these (a group of people) with one face, and to these (another group of people) with another face. (Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim).

Al-Qurtubee said;

“A two-faced person is regarded as so evil because he is like a hypocrite; he /she sweetly talks with falsehood and lies, and sows dissension among people”.

A two-faced person is one who goes to each group with what pleases it, giving the appearance that he is from it and opposed to its counterpart (or enemy). His / her action is pure hypocrisy, lying, deception and trickery. But if a person goes to two groups in order to make peace between them, then he / she is doing something that is praiseworthy. Others have said: the difference is that a two-faced person praises the group he / she is with and finds faults with the other group, and he / she does the same when he / she is in the company of the other group. On the other hand, the praiseworthy person goes to each other of the two groups with words of reconciliation, finding excuses for one group while he is with the other, trying to convey good points of the other group while hiding their faults.

If you have people like this in your acquaintances, try your utmost to not make them angry and try to shy away from them. These people can change for the wrong at any possible time. Try to keep away from their company. Not having any company is better than having bad company. If people who have bad values are your friends, one day or the other that would rub over on you, even if you don`t wan`t it to happen.

Do you actually want to stay with these people to try to change them, when they can hurt you bad, really bad. Isn`t it better that you save yourself and your loved ones from them? Yes, I hope and pray that you would agree to that 😉

Extracts taken out from ” the book of manners”, written by Fuad ibn Abdul-Azeez Ash-Shulhoob, Darussalam.

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