Your confidence is within yourself :)

I remember a few years back when I was at the mela in Oslo enjoying it with my baji. We had lots of fun listening to music and drinking garam chai and eating garam garam jalebi:) There we met a friend of my baji`s. She had a little son joh khel raha tha udar. There were so many people there and her son was going idhar se udhar, must have been at least five meters away from hers. I was quite scared, udhar bachein gum bhi ho jatein hain na 😉 But she was watching her son and was quite confident. When I discussed this with my sister I was wondering how she could do that, I mean if it would have been my kid I`d maybe never ever let go of his hand. But phir meri baji ne mujhe samjaya ke she was doing correct. And I was like what?? She meant that kids should be given the smallest amount of freedom when they are kids. Like for instance that they eat themselves, put on their own clothes and tie their own shoes. Small things maybe you think, but no, it means a lot for the confidence level of that kid later on when he/she will become an adult.

I know that we Asians are very overprotective of our kids and sort of spoil them in a way, doing everything for them. The mothers I mean:) So the point is lean back sometime and let them make their own decision with your supervision, of course. Let them stand on their own feet. Let them build up their confidence level so that they won`t have any difficulty later in their life to make any decision. This is a must for every person in the world. On day or the other they will be on their own, and if they lack self-confidence, that could lead them to make some wrong decisions. People can misguide them, anything can happen. Give your children ache borein ki pehchan and most of all give them guidance so that they can make their own decisions asking themselves and not anyone else. After all, it is themselves who`m mostly know what is good for them and what is bad. Agar woh khud ko pehchantein hain tou woh apne liye acha faisla karein ghe, as long as they have that little self-confidence in themselves:) Just a thought:)

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