Hacking issues anyone?

My laptop`s been hacked so many times that I can`t even count it on my hand. That has made me reset the whole computer a few times. Sometimes I remember that I knew the password and everything but couldn`t log in cause someone had changed the password. On time I got really scared, that was when the laptop was still on the day after I had used it, although I remember that I had shut it down. I do have someone who`m can help me if anything happens. Though it`s really quite childish that people can`t mind their own business, and have to check what others are doing or anything.

What scares me more are the cameras on the laptop. You never know if any hacker could anytime misuse it somehow. I dislike the fact that there`s an camera on every laptop. I don`t think it`s possible to buy any without it anymore. I tried to look for one without it when I was shopping mine, but had no luck with that. I just hope and pray for that we all can protect us from these maniacs out there whom have no respect for others`privacy.

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