The blamegame…

Some people have made it there life`s mission to make life miserable for others`. They might start off by dosron ko un ke khilaf bharkana. To fill others`with poison against them. One thing each and every should understand that those who`m point a finger at others actually point three fingers back on themselves. So be very careful to blame someone if you don`t know what their intentions are. God knows everyones intentions and on judgement day each and every will be accountable for it. Those who`m deliberately try to bring other`s in bad light will one day or another get it back on themselves or someone in their surroundings or surely on judgement day. Cause what you give to others you will get back one way or the other. So be very careful about what you say peeps…
Allah par bharosa rakhein.. Allah sab ke haq me behtar faisla karein ghe Inshallah, Ameen sum ameen..

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