Pakistan needs help… ASAP…

The disastrous floods in Pakistan is known to be the worst disaster in any country in about a 100 years. Meaning worse than the tsunami and the Haiti disasters. Pakistan really need all the help it could get. I hope people can put aside any differences they have according to their beliefs and donate as generously as they can. I know that our family is going to give our zakat to the masjid whom are sending the money to pakistan. Even if you’re not an muslim by belief I hope you will donate as much as possible to help people who`m have no place to be, don`t have clean water to drink and doesn`t have any food. Please please use World Food Programme or Islamic relief or your masjid nearby.

Noone with some sence in their head supports Zardari in any way. I don`t either want to support him, but the people are suffering and have no chance unless they get help from outside the country. So please donate to organisations as mentioned above when you know the money will Inshallah be used as it should.

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