Listening to the Quran being recited..

Last year when I was in Saudi Arab with my parents, I remember one incident which I would like to share with you:) I was sitting in Masjidein Harram (Makkah sharif). There they have made nice places for women and children only. I was sitting there reciting from the paanj surah, when a little kid came along wearing a little jubbah like arabic do. He must have a been about 5 years old, I think. Aramse akein ek Quran pakar kein aram se beth gaya not that far away from me and starting reciting the Quran. Such beautiful recitation, I was totally amazed. Udhar sab aurtein joh bethi hoi thi became quiet and started listening to him. A few of them recorded his voice also. There all of us sat for the while he recited. Since he wasn`t sitting that far away from me one woman asked if it was my child:) I was like no no, not mine.. But so lucky his parents are, I thought in my mind. When he finished the recitation all of the women gave him lots of duas for the wonderful recitation. In such a young age, we all were speechless. You should have seen the smile on his face:) He was so happy when he went to his mum. I thought ke me uske mum ko kehti hon ke how lucky you are that have him. So that she can be even more proud of her son:) But then I lost track of where he went. You see, there are a lot of kids wearing a jubbah there, so they all look kind of alike 😉

Sitting there I was thinking ke Inshallah when I one day will get children that they will be like him. That after marriage, me and my hubby will do our best to give our children the best guidance so that they can become a wonderful muslim and human being as well.. Ameen summa ameen

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