Having the same goals in life

I`m not sure about the amount of arranged marriages or love marriages. Though I think it is very important that the two people who are getting married should be given the opportunity to find out if they have the same goals in life. They should not only get married because their parents say that this person is going to be a good match for you but they should also be given the chance to have a talk with that person and find out if they have the same ground values, or same way they want to live their life. For instance if one has the goal as to live beautifully in this world and have a great mansion and lots of money and the other person wants to strive to become a better muslim for a better hereafter and is striving for a better life after death when one will be accountable for our deeds, than I would say that their goals are differing them from each other so they should not even think of getting married. Those who`m have the same goals will together head for the trip of life 🙂 two passengers :hubby and wifey: on the same journey being each others pillar of strength to what they want to achieve and Inshallah they will achieve it. If they only put their mind to it, nothing is impossible 🙂

May Allah give us all guidance so that we can become a better person and not let us neglect the duties our deen has put upon us. Ameen sum ameen.

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