Being faithful

Sometimes a person can be unwilling to commit fully to one thing because that would mean giving up another thing. They would want to have the best of everything. In other words the security and Love in relationship/marriage and also freedom and lack of responsibility that go with being single. These two things do not go hand in hand.

The following is a conversations between Terry who`s cheating on his wife and a counselor :

Counselor: You seem to be pursuing the dream that by grasping for everything, you`ll be able to have everything.
Terry: That’s right. What`s wrong with that?
Counselor: But are you actually having everything. I gather that Ruth is threatening to leave you.
Terry: I don’t think she will.
Counselor: Suppose she does. What will you have?
Terry: I guess i`ll have to get another wife.
Counselor: Is that what you really want?
Terry: No
Counselor: In order what means more to you? Your flings or your marriage?
Chris: My marriage.
Counselor: If you had to choose, which would you take?
Terry: I already told you.
Couselor: So what will be subtracted if you give up running around?
Terry: I won`t have as much fun on trips.
Counselor: And what will you gain?
Terry: My wife.

What Terry here doesn’t understand is the crucial issues of basic trust. His wife interpreted his behavior as a sign that he was being untrustworthy, not truly committed to her, and that he did`nt really love her.

Taken out from” Love is never enough(”.)

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