What is love ?

Love for me is the most precious feeling in my heart.. Where you give yourself 1oo% to the one you love. Two people caring so much for eachother that nothing in the world could come between them. When you are away from that person, you would always want to know:  How he`s doing.. Has he… Continue reading What is love ?

Your love means the world to me :)

To think about the day I knew it was you.. make me feel so kosmoish, and so happy that I have got someone like you.. Your friendship and love, have been near and too supportive.. It has given me tons of happiness and has lit a light in my heart:) The warmth in your tone,… Continue reading Your love means the world to me đŸ™‚

“If I ain`t got you” By Alicia Keys :)

Some lovely lyrics from a really nice song:) "If I ain`t got you", by Alicia Keys. Some people live for the fortune. Some people live for the fame. Some people live for the power, yeah. Some people live just to play the game. Some people think that the physical things define what`s within. I`ve been… Continue reading “If I ain`t got you” By Alicia Keys đŸ™‚

“Sweetest somebody I know” by Stewie Wonder

Simply love this song so much:) Just have to share 😉 There is something on my mind, that`s in my heart, written on my face. And it would behoove me and my soul if I did state my case. And so as truth is real and real is truth, this truly must be told. That… Continue reading “Sweetest somebody I know” by Stewie Wonder