Stars were twinkling in her eyes..

Stars were twinkling in her eyes,
when she saw him for the first time..
She couldn`t believe that this was it..
The time they would actual meet..
Suddenly he was standing in front of her..
Time just stood still for a minute or so..
They were enjoying every bit of each others nearness..
She had no control over her emotions,
as she was trembling, smiling
and tears were flowing down here cheek at the same time..
He gently reached for her hand, kissed it with his soft lips
and put it on his own cheek and smiled at her..
It was the most beautiful smile she had ever seen..
He said the words she was dying to hear for so many years..
Every sentence swept her off her feet..
Words that touched every core of her heart..
Now she was crying even louder and louder..
He couldn`t bear seeing her like this,
so he took her in his arms and hold her tight..
They were standing like this wanting to seize the moment for eternity..

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