What is love ?

Love for me is the most precious feeling in my heart.. Where you give yourself 1oo% to the one you love. Two people caring so much for eachother that nothing in the world could come between them. When you are away from that person, you would always want to know:  How he`s doing.. Has he been eating well? Is he sleeping well? Is he stressed about something? What made him sad the other day? Love is when you just by hearing the sound of the other can determine that he is happy or sad about something.

Love is when you more than anything in this world want the other person to achieve all the happiness in the world, and for you to be the reason for his happiness. Give him so much joy that even if something sad happens one day you would be supportive and take him out of that sad part into a better day. Where you would do almost anything to bring a smile on you Love`s face 🙂 You won`t actually stop there you would want him to smile from the heart 😉 That doesn`t always show in the face 🙂 What does it mean when you love someone unconditionally? I see it as that you give so much and don`t expect anything in return, because you love that person so much that you would do anything to make him happy. Wether you get something back or not is not that important, but wanting your love to be happy, that is what matters to you 🙂

Love is not always about achieving the one you love either… If you love someone and he doesnt share the feelings back, love would be to still be giving/helping him the most so that he would be happy, and mostly pray for him always. Because if you sincerely love him you would want him to be happy. And if he`s more happy with someone else, you won`t be the one to hold him back, would you???

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