Your love means the world to me :)

To think about the day I knew it was you..
make me feel so kosmoish,
and so happy that I have got someone like you..

Your friendship and love,
have been near and too supportive..
It has given me tons of happiness
and has lit a light in my heart:)

The warmth in your tone,
and the words you speak,
touch my heart,
and are filled with knowledge and positivity..

When I get to know,
that you don`t always take care of yourself,
I pray that one day soon,
I can be there to take care of you..

The path for Islam,
that we have chosen to walk,
will give us our satisfaction,
and that is all we need..

-InshaAllah Ameen Allah humma ameen-

Something I wrote today when so happy 😉

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