To read namaz at work :)

In the start when I started working, I never dared to ask my boss if I could read namaz there, cause I thought the answer would be “no”. But then we had a change in the management, and my boss, whom was only going to be there for half a year, let me read the namaz, on the condition that I would work as much time over as it took to read the namaz`s. And so I did. But when the old boss came back, I wasn`t allowed any more. Of course he isn`t a muslim, so how can he understand. But one of his reasons for saying that it wasn`t allowed, was what kind of impact will this have on the others? Hehe, and I thought inside of me, maybe they also would start reading it, if they saw me reading namaz. I can`t understand how this can have a bad impact on anyone who sees you read it. We are now having a change in the management again, in a few months and I hope and pray that the new boss, will allow me read namaz again, InshaAllah, Ameen Allah humma ameen. Please remember me as well in your prayers jii:)

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