Only those who are responsible would choose a good solution

In Islam intercourse is allowed only within the folds of marriage. Almost 50% of marriages end in divorce. Not everyone who gets divorced will marry again. The reasons are many. Maybe there are to few people who match their wants, or maybe their family situation is to difficult. How is such a person able to stay pure. In that I mean to not engage in intercourse outside marriage?

In a hadith of Prophet Muhammad ‎ﷺ it is stated, that if a man is single and 80 years old, and he has only three months to live, it is better for him to get married because that is the best way for him to stay pure.

Nowadays there are also herbal medicine that decreases desires. For example vitex agnus-castus. This herbal medicine was used by munks and can be a good remedy to get control of desires.

The benefits of people being in control of their desires, is that people will not engage in a forbidden matter outside marriage. That will increase their piety and chastity.

Maybe this is also something that young adults can think of utilizing. Since they oftener are in mix gatherings where they can experience immense tribulations from the opposite gender.

For the entire society it is best if we help people get married and make halal living easily accessable for them. That might also reduce addictions and other vices in the community. I think that only people who are responsible would choose a halal solution.

What do you think? Would you have gladly taken herbal pills to stay pure? Does speaking of this cause stigma to those effected? Should people in mosques speak of this without stigmatizing? Please do share in commments.

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