The exercise that can change the quality of your life

You`re on your way home. You have your son with you in a baby carriage. Its minus 12 degrees outside and around 15 cm of snow on the ground. Your battling your way through the snow to reach home. The wind has its own plan. Every step you take feels heavy and tough. Your feets are slipping backwards. You wished you never moved from Pakistan to Norway. Who would want to step out of the house in such a snowstorm? You`re energy is low. You`re cold and hungry, thinking of asking your husband to pick you up instead.

Women with children can look tired. After all its tough to have a full time job, take care of kids and still keep the spark alive in the marriage. Looks are important to women. Especially married women. They know that keeping themselves in shape is the only way they can keep the attention of their husbands. So it`s a high priority. Though many are into exercise, most of them are only interested in the appearance it will give them. They forget about other extremely important and needed benefits they can get by changing the way they exercise.

I started my journey of weightlifting in may 2022. It was one week into ramadan. I was recovering from a severe ancle injury, and had gained weight. I just wanted to get in shape the way I was before the climbing accident. I contacted Coach Ohana. He introduced me to weightlifting. Exercise has never been more important in my life. The great impact this has had on my health, have changed my life forever.

Squads and deadlifts are to exercises in weightlifting. They are my favourites. After 20 hours of coaching i was able to lift my own weight ma sha Allah. Almost one year after I started with this, I have become stronger and more muscular. Walking long distances is fun and easy. I can lift heavy groceries. Walking up stairs is easy. Vacuuming and washing the floor is easy. I dont`t even get tired afterwards. Running on the threadmill is easy. My heartbeat and physical endurance has improved. And I have noticed that my self-defence training in krav maga has increased in quality.

Before I contacted Coach Ohana, I didn`t know what I was going to learn. I had this wage idea that a coach can help me lose the extra fat I`ve gained. I had to spend from my savings. What I have gained is going to stay with me for the rest of my life. It has improved my life to such an extent that I can almost guarentee the same for other women out there. People don`t talk about the mental benefits of weightlifting. You actually become smarter. Your thinking improves. Your creativity improves. You get more oxygen in your body. Your brain function better. The quality of your blod improves. It`s even said to improve the ability to concieve children.

As a multicultural woman in the west, ask yourself this daily. Do you love yourself? Do you want what`s best for yourself? Do you want to live a quality filled life with your family and children? If the answer is yes, you will do what is necessary. Weightlifting is what can help you a long way. The weather condition isn`t going to change in Norway. The winter comes every year. Walking outside or stepping out to work is not going to be easier. The snowy streets are hard to walk on. With or without children. Why not improve your body strength. Than you will actually welcome the winter and look forward to it. Like looking forward to an hour of exercise at the gym, when you love to exercise.

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