Important reminders for people of thought

Yes its true anger is haram according to Islam. When one is calm one makes better decisions. But when is anger necessary? When someone is crossing your boundaries, you have to get angered and stop the abusor. These are conditions when if you die protecting your honor, you die as a Martyr. No-one is supposed to accept abusive behaviour. Anyone who trespasses the privacy, Islam gives permission to poke out his or her eye. The honour of your brother In religion is sacred. If anyone attempts to harm it, you need to stop them by their hands. And if you help your brother In Islam Allah will help you. Harmimg the honour of a muslim is as harming the black cloth on the Kabaah. If you remove the hurdles from the pavement, that is sadqah. If you put hurdles In the path of others that will lead to hell-fire. If you don’t stop the harmer from harming, soon you will be harmed by him or her too. Be afraid of places that leads to sins, like you are afraid of the fire. And be afraid of oppressing others because Allah accepts their prayers against you. Beware of corruption. And don’t cause fights between people. Remember that you will be questioned about the deeds og your tongue and the deeds of your private part. There is no sin greater than killing. And suicide is haram In Islam. If you rape anyone, according to Islam youre family will experience the same type of rape. Like a debt they will have to pay. Sadqah extinguish sins like water stops fire. Speak the truth. False witnessing is equal to fire. Angels are with those who speak the truth and do good deeds. If you help transgression on earth you will reach hell instead of Paradise. Its sunnah that muslim support eachother like bricks In a wall support each other. Withholding harm is also sadqah. The punishment of rape is lashes or being stoned to death. The corruption on earth is because the poor are punished and the wealthy by their way out.

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