Why Muslims supplicate?

In Islam we have a great emphasis on supplication to Allah. To connect with our God. In the supplications of Prophet Muhammad we can learn that he supplicated for every little matter as well as the bigg concerns. In islam there is a supplication for going to sleep and waking up. There is a supplication for wearing clothing and supplication for eating and supplication for going out of the house. There is a supplication for entering the toilet and leaving the toilet. Islam teaches us to do our best in what we want and then rely on our God. Once Prophet Muhammad said pray even for something as little as the shoe-laces. Because it will only be given to you if it is Allah’s Wish. Allah also teaches us to be content with His Decree. So that we do not become ungrateful. Cause Allah is the One who decides. All we can do is always trust His Choices for us.

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