Do you want a Lamborghini ?

Imagine you’re on a long drive with your lamborghini, in 100 km a hour. You arrive at your destination : a mansion with beach, sun and plentiful of food served. This dunya will never be perfect. No matter how thrilling and exciting it may seem. In the same example imagine, some trouble / worry at your work or in your family made you mind occupied with negative emotions in the lamborghini. When you arrived at your destination, the weather changed and the thunder and lightening made the destination unbearable. If you instead are jannah – focused and work every day to achieve it. Can you imagine how it is to have a blessing somewhere where you always will be happy, satisfied, joyful, blissful, contented. There will be no anxiety, no fear, no weakness, no anguish, no ill feelings. Everywhere only good and bliss and happiness. A sahabi Zayd bin Arqam narrated that a man came to the Messenger ofAllah (pbuh) and said : «O Abu Al-Qasim, are you claiming that the dwellers of Paradise will eat and drink? The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) responded : «Yes, by Him in Whose Hands is my soul! Each of the dwellers of Paradise will be given the strength of a hundred men in eating, drinking and marital intercourse». (Recorded by Ahmad and An-nasai). In other words you would not drive a lamborghini, but you yourself and your spouse will be a lamborghini yourself, and you will have eternal bliss where everything will be good, happy and perfect, without any kind of trouble. Isn’t that something amazing to strive for in this world. To leave sin for this pleasure. To do good deeds to attain this in Paradise?

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