Being muslim in India

The BJP party in india has passed a law in december 2019, that gives citizenship to people according to their belief. Only the muslims are witheld from this law. About 195 millions of indias population are muslims. This law has discriminated the new muslims that came from 2015 to get a citizenship. Many rohingyas can be returned. Even if they are experiencing ethnic cleansing in Myanmar. Not all hindu’s dare to speak up against the law. Some muslim students have spoken up, and held marches. Many of them are beaten by the police or BJP-men. Everyday we have seen incidents in media where muslims in india are stopped by hindus and forced to accept their religion, than beaten up. This is how Modi is harming his own country, with blodshed and killing people. I hope opinion leaders in India can speak against the BJP party. Maybe that is a way to stop the violence. The UN-news spoke against the law the day after it was passed. And the Indian supreme court has given Modi 15 questions to answer regarding the ruling. Indian activists are asking for international intervention. The corona-crises has stopped everything temporarily. If the law is passed, many muslims will have to leave the country. Perhaps to a country where they are without security. This illegal ruling is violating the basic human rights of indian muslims. Many videos are showing the hard brutality muslims experience everyday in India. Still the world leaders are quiet about Modi. What will happen when the covid-lockdown is over?

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