Either by speech, clothing or body language

Unmarried people have to make an effort in behaving in a certain manner to get intercourse. Either by speech, clothing or body language. This is very common for students. And their parties. But have you ever thought about, how boring life it must be, to always do a provocative action to the opposite gender, to get 5 minutes of satisfaction. While if that same male or female was married. their spouse would have fulfilled that need everyday lovingly. Not only that. But those days when you would have fever. or a cold and haven’t brushed your teeth or taken a shower for three days because of your health. Your spouse would care for you, help you, and still be by your side. But those who you meet outside marriage, will only give you that intercourse when your appealing to them. And if the outcome is a child. You are not obliged by any law to be a parent. The marriage give security for both husband and wife. that they will support each other in good and bad. And take responsability for their children. It gives rights and duties for the married couple. Think that if you became ill right now. Will anyone of those who give you free sex outside marriage, be there for you? Most probably not. And what if you’re not able to have intercourse again. because of that sickness. A spouse might also leave for that reason. But most probably does your spouse love you because of something deeper than your ability to give an erection or an orgasm. A marriage is a sacred bond. Between to souls. Its something pure. And if husband and wife are chasteful, the children will be pure, and have good qualities. After hearing this. I hope people will think twice before falling into sin. Because a pure life. and a pure marriage. and god-consiousness is what leads to blessings in this life and the afterlife. And a life of sinful behaviour, outside wedlock, will only lead to foul soul and a hellfire after death. What would you choose? Your deeds will determine that. So choose wisely.

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