Purify your gaze is the solution. Join today

To remove harmful things from the pathways is a sunnah. If we look with cultural glasses. Than we can say that enjoining good and forbidding evil is also rewardful. The number one thing a great percentage of muslims are struggling with today, are addictions. Sex addiction is a global problem. It harms the whole society. Also muslims have sex-addictions. Its a male problem. And its a female problem. Its a individual problem. And its a community problem. Its a plague. And the healing is within the sunnah, within Islam. Purify your gaze have the solution for individuals and communities with sex addictions.
They also have program for mosques, who want to help their community. No matter where you live. No matter who you are. Know that sex addiction can be cured. So take responsability for your life and start the way to healing by the program of purify your gaze -team. And if you work in a mosque. Than you can help the community by joining the programs for community – healing. Click on the website purify your gaze . Com and share this podcast with everyone you know. May Allah reward you.

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